The Neumann BCM 705 Cardioid Dynamic Broadcast Microphone is dynamic, studio quality, with a unique design, a frequency range for audio quality. The BCM 705 is Nuemann's first dynamic microphone, based on the design of the BCM 104 with the same housing and grille. The hypercardioid directional capsule is ideal for broadcast applications, designed for optimal speech reproduction at close range. The high-quality design features an integrated pop screen that minimizes any sibilance and plosive noise, as well as protecting the microphone from moisture and other unwanted particles. In addition, the microphone is equipped with a threaded microphone mounting adapter for transmission.

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The first Neumann microphone with dynamic capsule. Functionally optimized design specifically for the broadcast field, with integrated pop protection, structural noise suppression and hypercardioid directional feature


The Neumann BCM 705 is an affordable broadcast microphone for studio voice applications. Its entire construction is functionally optimized to convey emotions with technical perfection. Its dynamic capsule is vocalized for a homogeneous but clear sound. The hypercardioid pattern together with internal shock support and pop filter minimize foreign noise.


Broadcasting is a much more immediate way to reach listeners than studio recording. For this reason Neumann has decided to develop a line of microphones that specifically addresses the needs and working conditions of radio DJs, announcers, journalists, talk show hosts and all those who guide us throughout the day with their stories, good vibes and the latest information. 

The BCM 705 Neumann is designed to convey emotions with perfection. Its characteristic shape is functionally optimized for use with industry standard microphone arms. Thanks to its elastic microphone stand and newly developed internal capsule suspension, the BCM 705 is doubly protected against rumble. An internal foam screen protects the capsule from pops, as well as dirt, moisture and nicotine. For improved hygiene, the calender twists easily for quick cleaning.


While its brother, the BCM 104 with the red BCM 104 symbol, is a condenser microphone, the Neumann BCM 705 is a dynamic microphone with a moving coil capsule, indicated by a green Neumann logo. The dynamic capsules are quite sturdy, and while they sound less natural than condenser transducers, the carefully designed specimens  like this one - show a distinctive charm that has become associated with "FM sound", especially in the United States with its long tradition of private radio.

The BCM 705 is particularly suitable for local radio stations and small studios. Its hypercardioid model and its capsule optimized for close-up voice reproduction help keep out foreign noise from the air, even though the sound insulation is far from perfect. The frequency response of the BCM 705 is designed specifically for the human voice. A slight increase in presence above 2 kHz improves speech intelligibility, while a soft bass roll-off compensates for the proximity effect, creating a full but never booming bass range. The BCM 705 requires no phantom power and is extremely easy to set up: simply plug it into a microphone input and it's ready to go!

Although the BCM 705 was designed primarily for voice applications in broadcast environments, it would not be a Neumann microphone if it could not also be used in the recording studio. Being a dynamic microphone, the BCM 705 can easily handle high SPL, making it an excellent choice for screaming vocalists, polished brass instruments and loud guitar cabinets.

  • Functionally optimized design
  • Specially designed dynamic capsule
  • Optimized for close-up speech
  • Hypercardioid Scheme
  • Integrated pop screen and shock absorber support
  • The header grill unrolls easily for quick cleaning. 


Acoustic operating principle Pressure gradient transducer

Directional pattern hypercardioid

Frequency range 20 Hz ... 20 kHz

Sensitivity at 1 kHz in 1 kohm 1.7 mV/Pa = -55.4 dB ± 1 dB

Nominal impedance 200 ohms

Nominal load impedance 10 kohms

Equivalent noise level, CCIR 1 32 dB

Equivalent noise level, A-weighted 2 18 dB-A

Signal-to-noise ratio, CCIR (re. 94 dB SPL) 3 62 dB

Signal-to-noise ratio, A-weighted (re. 94 dB SPL) 4 76 dB

Weight 500 g

Diameter 64 mm

Length 85 mm

Height 110 mm (without suspension).

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