236 NOVIA Inovonics Broadcast Audio Processor AM 3-band Mono

 NOVIA AM audio processor: DSP 3-band Mono AM | Analogue, AES, Streaming In & Out | NRSC | Web interface

NOVIA 236 is specifically designed for medium wave monophonic AM transmission. It combines the functions of slow AGC, `` gain-riding'', `` syllabic consistency levelling'', 4 stages of parametric equalisation, 3 bands of dynamic range compression with variable crossovers, `` brick wall'' bandwidth limitation and a splash-free final peak controller that supports asymmetric carrier modulation. In addition to quick and easy front panel configuration, the IP interface allows streaming of 2-way programs, as well as full remote control of NOVIA 236 using any PC or mobile device. 

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236 NOVIA Inovonics
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SNMP operation is supported. Program audio fault alarms activate local counting closures and immediately send SMS/email notifications to selected personnel. Alarms are also recorded for later analysis. Setup and operation are simplified with 10 predefined and 10 user-defined processing presets.

The NOVIA 236 accepts both program line and streaming inputs and allows remote IP audio monitoring.

The 236's web interface will allow complete configuration and control of the unit from a PC, tablet or smartphone.


  • AGC with gate and "window"
  • Exclusive adjustable "syllabic levelling".
  • 3 dynamic compression bands with selectable crossovers
  • 4 parametric equalisation sections plus an effective "Bass Punch" function
  • Independent "Density" and "Smooth / High" settings
  • GPIO, Web / email / SNMP for checks and alarms
  • Real-time clock and integrated headphone jack
  • Analogue, digital AES, streaming in / out
  • Selectable US and international cutoff filters
  • An excellent "utility" processor; ideal before STL / codec
  • The "responsive" web interface with comprehensive functions works on desktops and mobile devices


Frequency response (bypassed processing)

50 Hz - 20 kHz, ± 0.25 dB

Output cut-off response

Rated frequencies: selectable from the menu 4kHz, 5kHz, 6kHz, 7kHz, 8kHz, 9kHz, 10kHz (US NRSC), 12kHz, 15kHz

Filter characteristics: FIR filter with 143 coefficients with phase and overshoot compensation; ± 0.5 dB, from 50 Hz to 0.95x nominal cut-off frequency; approx. -15dB at cutoff; > -50dB at ≥1.04x nominal.


US NRSC preemphasis curve selectable flat or "truncated" scaled to cut-off frequency

Distortion (bypassed processing)

  • I / O analogue: <0.02% THD (ref: + 24dBu I / O)
  • I / O digital AES: <0.002% THD (ref: 0dBFS I / O)

Signal-to-Noise (bypassed processing)

  • I / O analogue: > 105dB (ref: + 24dBu I / O)
  • I / O digital AES: > 120dB (ref: 0dBFS I / O)

Program line inputs

  • Analogue: balanced active (XLR) accepts line levels from -15dBu to + 15dBu; + 24dBu clipping
  • AES Digital: (XLR) accepts line levels between -30dBFS and 0dBFS at sampling rates from 32kHz to 96kHz.
  • IP Streaming: accepts all Icecast / SHOUTcast MP3, Ogg and AAC streams

Programme line exits

  • Analogue: Active-Balance (XLR) provides -12dBu to + 15dBu for 100% symmetric modulation; + 24dBu clipping, 200Ω source
  • Positive peak improvement
  • Asymmetric and positive intrinsic peaks can be selectively limited in 1% increments from 100% to + 130%.

Program signal latency (delay)

About. 3.75 ms

Network port

TCP / IP (RJ45) network connection for configuration / remote operation and audio streaming in / out; full support for SNMP control

GPIO Doors

3 GPI, 3 GPO with assignable functions and logical polarity

Headphone jack

Front panel (TRS) 3.5 mm

Internal test tone generator

20Hz-20kHz; variable frequency and level


Local closures (GPIO), browser interface, SNMP and SMS/email alarms for loss of analogue, digital and streaming audio; keeps daily, weekly and monthly records


The division into time slots is simplified with an integrated real-time clock and pre-selection programming.

Audio processing

  • AGC: acquisition interval ± 15dB; gated with dual-rate "windowed" operation
  • Leveling: variable 'syllabic' compression 2: 1
  • EQ: parametric with 4 sections
  • Bass "Punch": variable bass improvement

Power requirements

12 V DC at 240 mA (2.1 mm x 5.5 mm coaxial); switching in-line power supply included

Mounting options

An optional rack adapter mounts one or two NOVIA or other Inovonics semi-rack units in a standard 19" 1U rack space.

Dimensions and weight

1.6" H x 8" W x 6" D; 5 pounds shipping weight

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236 NOVIA Inovonics
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